Sublease Tips.

Subleasing TIP 1

1. Make sure you have at least 5 to 10 good pictures. The more pictures and videos the better!

Subleasing TIP 2

2. Stand out. Meaning offer some type of incentive. Even if it’s not much. Highlight this in your post! For example:
-1 month free rent
-waived security deposit
-$200 signing bonus
-reduced price
-Waived admin fee

Subleasing TIP 3

3. Make sure that you have clear ways that the renters can contact you on your post. Phone number and email. Don’t miss DM’s!

Subleasing TIP 4

4. Post to MULTIPLE platforms - as many as you can find. Craigslist, Facebook, RentGazer, etc. The more places that you post to the higher your chances to find someone! Below is a link to submit your sublease to RentGazer.